WEIMA ELECTRIC Assists Guangxi Ecolink in Establishing New Factories

2024-04-30 14:57:22

Project Introduction

Guangxi Ecolink Technology Co., Ltd is wholly-owned subsidiary of Ningbo Homelink Eco-iTech Co., Ltd who is one national manufacturing individual champion enterprise listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange(Stock Code: 301193). It is an industrial and trade enterprise who focuses on using plant fibers as raw materials, undergoes special processes and integrates research and development, manufacturing, sales, and services. Their products applied in high-end fields such as catering, industrial packaging materials and daily life are green and environmentally friendly products.

Ecolink Technology adopts global advanced production equipment and technological processes to create a garden-style zero carbon industrial park. We firmly adhere to the concept of "green mountains and clear waters are invaluable assets." and are devoted to reducing human carbon emissions and carbon footprint.

TECO-Westinghouse Motor



Based on the concept of Ecolink's environmental protection, in terms of motor drive systems, WEIMA ELECTRIC provided customers with TECO energy-saving and efficient products: permanent magnet motor DVEV/DVEX, as well as supporting T310 series inverters, totally 160 pieces and output ranges from 7.5kW~132kW.

TECO permanent magnet motor DVEV/DVEX has the following features:

  • motors, the volume and weight are reduced by more than 35%.

  • High efficiency: Using high-grade magnets, the motor efficiency reaches IE4 or above.

  • Energy saving: Compared to ordinary asynchronous motors, it has higher efficiency at low speeds and low load rates.

  • Excellent torque performance: The rated output torque can still be maintained at low speeds, meeting the requirements of low speed but high torque loads.

Customer Value

So far, the installation and commissioning of all equipment have been completed and officially put into use, the services provided by WEIMA ELECTRIC already received the unanimous praise from the Ecolink's project team.

 The motor and inverter use the same brand to achieve perfect matching and better operational stability. The selected TECO permanent magnet motor meets the requirements of reducing losses and controlling emissions, perfectly fitting the corporate philosophy of Ecolink Technology, lays a solid foundation for them to build a garden style zero carbon industrial park.

 Thanks Guangxi Ecolink Technology Co., Ltd. for trusting WEIMA ELECTRIC, the order has been completed but the service is still ongoing. WEIMA ELECTRIC will safeguard your equipment all the time.